USS Salute AM 294
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U.S. Minesweepers still in service in other Countries.
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Crew Flashbacks
2002 Salute Reunion in Goshen, Indiana
USS Salute Crew At The First Reunion
The first Salute reunion committee
Newspaper clippings from 1945
Dear Abby
The first Salute Reunion (1986)
The first Salute Reunion (Cont.)
The first Salute reunion (cont.)
The rescue of the PBY
On board the Salute, on her trial run.
Minesweeper Photo Page.
One Less Mine
In remembrance
David Crockett Lowrey Jr MoMM3/c
Still searching.


This website was designed by Scott A. Shafer.
I was very fortunate to have a father that instilled a love and respect for the navy. This site was designed for my dad, Wayne. And it is in memory of my Late Uncle Ralph Clyde Shafer. I never got to meet my uncle Ralph, but I feel like I got to know him through my dad. They say that a person is never really gone as long as their memory lives. So in a manner of speaking, Ralph lives in my Father, my brothers, and in me. It took me two years to build this site. And it is a part of me.

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